$INO: Closed strong after a late run yesterday, added to its gains overnight, and has been holding near its highs in premarket. Volume is already coming in, and it if holds into the open could be another strong candidate for an afternoon watch.

$ZSAN: low-ish float biotech stock that’s seen some heightened action as the sector’s been heating up, and price jumped almost 40% this morning on news of FDA approval for a new migraine treatment. It’s not COVID-19 related, so hard to say if it’ll have any staying power through the day, but it’s been holding onto its gains so far. Could be worth keeping an eye on depending on how it’s faring around 10AM

$OPGN: Another strong runner yesterday that stuck around afterhours. Dipping back below yesterday’s close in the premarket, but starting to make moves back towards that level. If it continues in that direction and volume comes in, could definitely be in play later today.

Besides $OPGN nothing’s looking potential for a morning play, so unless it makes a very convincing move early on, I’m holding my trades for the afternoon.

These are my own thoughts based on research and my growing experience. They should in no way be taken as recommendations to buy any of the stocks listed above.

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