Still All Coronavirus, All The Time

$HTBX - HUGE runner yesterday on news they were going to start working on a Coronavirus vaccine. Closed near the highs up around 50% but has been very choppy in premarket. Volume looks to be strong again today, and could see a strong third green day if it can break red to green

$INO - Announced an accelerated timeline for their COVID-19 vaccine in an 8 AM PR, and has started trending upwards out of the range it’s been establishing over the few weeks. Unlikely to go back red today, but is dipping a bit before the open, so a strong move back up could make them today’s $HTBX

$TTNP - Another lower priced bio stock that has no news but has been tracking $HTBX’s chart for the past couple days. It’s tested $0.50 twice premarket, so I’m looking for a convincing break of that level to really get interested.

$MRNA - Higher priced bio stock that’s been one of the big names to watch in the COVID-19 space. Had a strong day yesterday but dropping below the close premarket. Tested the S1 pivot line and bounced, looking like it might repeat that test. No new PRs this morning, so not much to go on until volume comes in and we see what the market wants to make of it. I’m looking for a red to green move, though a convincing test and rally from the S1 pivot would also get me looking more closely.

These are my own thoughts based on research and my growing experience. They should in no way be taken as recommendations to buy any of the stocks listed above.

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