All Coronavirus, All The Time

$CODX - From $4 to $11 in one day! This huge runner from yesterday got halted 3 times yesterday, in both directions, and doesn’t seem to be done yet. Still climbing pre-market but likely loaded with shorts. A pullback could mean a mass exodus and a dip back towards $4, or a squeeze higher.

$APT - Maker of the N-95 face mask that seems to be selling out in hardware stores across the country. Announced an update on over $1M in orders at 7 AM, and it’s spiked over $2 already.

$MRNA - A higher priced stock, they’ve announced both earnings and a first shipment of a COVID-19 vaccine in the past couple days, and the price has moved accordingly, including a 25% jump overnight up to over $36.

$TNXP - announced a very vague “vaccine pact” yesterday and had only a small green day despite massive volume, but is now up 70% overnight and premarket with over 7MM shares traded already this morning.

$LLIT - announced an offering with a $0.70 price point, and saw a premarket drop down to that level. However, we’ve seen offerings spike stocks (most recently $GNPX) so with this stock in a longer term downtrend, shorts could get squeezed.

$VXRT - Had a solid afternoon breakout yesterday, but gave a lot of it back towards the close. Up 25% overnight and holding VWAP towards the open.

$NVAX - big morning yesterday, but closed well of its highs. This morning the price is hanging out back around yesterday’s high, and a morning PR annoucing they’re aiming to start human trials of a vaccine by late spring could spur some momentum if the volume picks up

The $SPY is trending down, but with the Coronavirus news picking up, these stocks are looking to go their own way.

Except for $LLIT, none of these stocks are likely to open red, so I’m looking for dips back towards VWAP and a convincing bounce. $LLIT will need to make a convincing new high of day for me to consider it.

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